What We Believe


Philosophy of Ministry
We believe in guarding our personal relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that a relationship with God is only possible through the blood of Jesus Christ given in His sacrificial death on the cross, and belief in the burial and resurrection and His ascension into heaven.

We believe the Bible is the inspired work of God. We believe that it was given to us without error and is the revelation of God to man and is to be diligently studied for right belief and guide for daily living.

We believe in the gathering of the saints in both personal and corporate settings where we learn, grow and worship.

We believe in the importance of family and children and we side to include them in our worship and teaching where they will learn the benefits of the Christian life and the blessings of God on the Christian family.

We believe in the mission to love and reach out to those who do not know Jesus as Lord, regardless of where they may be or where they have been .

Vision Statement
COCC exists for the purpose of developing followers of Jesus Christ who understand and teach the Great Commission of sharing the gospel and making disciples locally, nationally, and globally.

Value Statement
COCC values peer development that results in becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ in order to be effective and productive in the the Kingdom of God.

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