MAN 101

Who We Are         

At Carson Oaks Community Church we are disciples that strive to maintain a lasting and loving relationship with Jesus Christ through the Bible and prayer that will provide value to ourselves first (John 13:23,) then our loved ones, and the community in which we live. We are a group of men growing in grace by the love of Christ, strengthening and building lasting relationships in fellowship with each other. 

What We Believe

We believe that Christ is our one and only Savior Who died on the cross to save us from our sin and He is very much alive and in control. We believe to live as Christ is to live as He instructs and love as He loves. We believe it is time to stop talking as Christian men and time to start living and behaving as Christian men. Living our faith out in our words, our responses, our actions, our beliefs and how they strengthen each other by being a strong individual with a Christ focused all cost. (1Cor 3:13)

Principles We Focus On

We focus on the strength of the individual and bind together through the love of Christ. Each man should consider the following statements and how they reflect within themselves:
"I believe that Jesus death on the Cross is the only thing that saves souls."
"I believe acting like a Christian is more important than talking about it...but I like to talk about it too."
"I believe in minding my own business...and helping others learn to mind theirs. This translates to accepting and maintaining our First Love."

Wisdom from Experience and Direction

Never ask God for a favor. This implies that you will return the favor. You can't. This is not necessary as God tells us to ask so that He may give freely. Then He commands us to "give" to others...if we are going to give. This does not apply to business as we are to work and earn a wage.

Never make a deal with God. This again takes His giving Spirit out of your mind and heart. It implies that He won't do what you ask unless you give Him something other than your attention. That is not His character "and" He will hold you to your deal even if you can't complete it. Just ask Him as He loves you like a father does but better. You should ask; "Father, protect my friend as he goes to war. Let Him find your mercy." and believe He will do it. You are not here to save the World so be selective in your asking.

Pray openly or silently immediately as you will often forget if you say you will do it later.

Let God love you. It's more important than you loving Him. Then our love for Him grows and becomes real and proper and respectful.

Stay in the moment of NOW. It is the truth and it is all we really have...right now. We can't truly comprehend "then" but we keep it as hope and faith until then arrives. Yesterday, "coulda, shoulda, woulda," is a waste of time. Embrace each new day with all of you heart and be grateful. I call this the "Forever Moment."

Never expect others to believe what you know and believe. You can hope and pray for it but mind your own business. Plant seeds of action and truth and move on.

Give your time to elderly, poor, widows, the grieving and children...not all at once.

Read the Bible for yourself as often as you can so that you won't be tripped up by false doctrine.

Let your "yes" be yes and "no" be no. Say what you mean. Be decisive and deliberate as much as you can. Don't let fear of what you think others think effect your decision to speak the truth. However, there is a time and a place.

Follow these and you will have little or no regrets when death comes.

In Jesus Holy Name,
George Anderson



Pastor Paul Stanley
Men's Ministry Director
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