My Way or the Highway!

By Paul Stanley

January 6, 2017

I was just reading the latest edition of WORLD magazine (a great publication by the way), and as I was reading the editorial section, there were more than a couple of folks who declared they no longer wanted to subscribe because the magazine did not support Donald Trump during the election. In fact, the editors/writers for WORLD called for him to step down from the race. And, as we all know, Trump surprisingly won the election and most of those folks writing in seemed to think that because WORLD had a different opinion than theirs, they somehow weren't "Christian" enough.

It boggled my mind a bit to see folks "throw the baby out with the bath water." WORLD is a fine publication and really handles the Word of God well, and reports on world news from a Christian perspective, yet, leaves room for discussion. Their reporting is fair and objective on a variety of issues, and yes, they have their opinion that at times I may disagree with, but it is nothing doctrinal or theological that takes anything away from the truth of Scripture or the Lordship of Christ. In my opinion, one would be hard pressed to find a like publication of the same quality as WORLD magazine, and I recommend it to anyone interested in world news from a Christian perspective.

Having been in pastoral ministry for 16 years, I feel your pain WORLD. There always is going to be people who come into a church, looking to become part of something perfect. they stick around a while, (proclaiming, by the way that the church/pastor is the greatest thing since sliced bread),  but the moment something comes up they do not like or a minor issue with which they disagree, they leave and go on to the next church, only to soon have the same experience. And as this behavior continues, they increasingly add to their list the number of "bad" churches. More often than not, they do not leave quietly but want to make sure everyone knows they are leaving for a host of "spiritual" reasons, that most times projects the superiority of their spiritual maturity and the lack of such in whatever church they are presently leaving.

I am certain that WORLD will continue their work, as will I and all the other pastors out there who regularly experience this. I have complained to Jesus about this more than once, and I can always feel His calloused, carpenter's hand on my shoulder as He laughs and says, "Welcome to my world! people do this to Me all the time." it is a sad reality that this is the behavior of those who claim Christ. The infighting and division this cause does nothing for anyone but feed the ego of the self-superior, and play into the enemy's hand in wrecking havoc in the church.

There will always be a leader or pastor with whom you do not 100% agree with. As long as it is not doctrinal or theological in regards to the truth of Scripture, or the identity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, why continually leave looking for the perfect church? Pretty soon there will be no where left to go as the perfect church or pastor does not exist. And remember the old saying, "If you find a perfect church, do not join, as it will cease to be perfect the second you join!"

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I don't think anyone, in my opinion, should be entitled to complete autonomy on others. And the australianessays made clear the intentions behind this ideology. And I'm in complete confidence of their sayings.
Canaan Maxton at 8:10am EST - February 12, 2018
Paul, you are correct here. It should be your way or the highway, that's just this simple. Everyone at the site agrees with me on that fact as well.
Bryce at 7:55am EST - February 20, 2018
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