Anew president.

By Paul Stanley

November 9, 2016

Well America, we have a new President of the United States today. While I am not overly political, I have my opinion, as does the rest of America it seems. I knew last night going to bed that Trump was surprisingly ahead, but it did not sit easy with me when I woke up to find out that he had actually won.  I am conservative, as he claims to be, but I am not sure of him yet. I guess time will tell and I can only pray that he does what he said he would do and that he surrounds himself with more people like Mike Pence.

What comes to my mind this morning is Israel's clamoring for a king. Have we made the same mistake? Understand I am in no way a supporter of his opponent. She stood for everything I am against, and I am certainly glad the vote did not go her way, but there is still that voice in the back of my head that says to keep an eye on Trump.

Yet, I am reminded that even as I write this that I am not to waste too much spiritual and emotional energy on this. 1 Peter reminds us to live in the freedom that Christ has given us. That means freedom from thinking that this world and all of its political misery is somehow permanently tethered to us. We are just passing through here and we know that our real citizenship is in heaven. We are aliens, strangers in a strange land, foreigners passing through headed toward home. Our identity is not in the things, political policies or the ways of the flesh. Our identity is in Jesus Christ and our instructions/policies are the very words of God given to us in scripture. So now, let us truly hold on to that.

I hope that we realize how foolish we have been by letting this election cause so many riffs in the church. I pray that we come back together, repent, apologize if necessary, and move forward in love and freedom and encourage others to do the same. Some from the opposing side of Trump are protesting, name-calling and I have even seen some calling for his death. Hmm....maybe they should move to Canada (sorry Canadians), but as for us, let us now be united in love, guided by hope, and revere Jesus as the only true King.

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