How About a Little Love?

By Paul Stanley

September 16, 2016

I think I read somewhere that they (the world) will know the we (the church), are Christians by our love. And I as a grow older and continue to serve in the church, I am sorry to report that I can see why the world does not put much hope in the church. I think they see too much division among believers and have a hard time taking us seriously because of it.

It does not take much to divide us, and the hard part is we stand on our soapbox and wave our bibles at each other in order to prove whose right, and from where I am standing, it seems that satan is having a grand old time watching us destroy ourselves. I mean, who wants to come and be a part of that?

We pick our camps, don't we? We have the KJV VS the NIV wars. Contemporary VS Traditional Hymns battle, with the mantra, "Drums are the heartbeat of the devil!" being shouted (and yes, I have actually heard someone say that). Tattoos or no tattoos, the evils of body piercings, those of faith who drink alcohol and those who abstain. Some churches say women should never cut their hair and never wear pants. I had one friend mildly rebuke me for watching boxing and MMA while he loves to watch football (both can pretty brutal). And of course there is the suit and tie VS the shorts and flip flop crowd.

None of those have anything to do with salvation. If everyone in the above mentioned groups love Jesus and have submitted to Him as Lord, doesn't that mean we are all members of the same tribe? Wouldn't it be great to see the tattooed, Harley riding lover of funky blues music sitting next to the well-dressed, Prius driving lover of Lawrence Welk, each week and actually accepting and loving each other because each had a heart for Christ and they did not judge each other on non-essentials?

I am sure some disagree, and I guess that is your privileged. As for me and my house, I think we will just love the Lord, serve Him, and be ourselves, and hope everyone else can chill out and do the same. Hey tribe, we got a world to impact, and they looking at us to see if we are legit.



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