Summertime Blues

By Paul Stanley

June 28, 2016

Don't let the title fool you; I have no summertime blues, I just could not come up with a title!

Well, maybe.....

Summer is in full swing here in California. 100 degree days and warm nights with no sign of rain for weeks out is the norm here. But the alarmist will use this time of year to bring up worries of drought, global warming and the great need for Washington to save us all. I am glad to see them as I thought they had all somehow disappeared from the face of the earth when we were having all the rain this past winter! Glad they are okay!

Every day the headlines are full of people celebrating abortion "rights," transgender bathroom "victories," the myriad of LGBT (and any other initial I forgot) issues, and of course all that coupled with if we have a differing opinion we are somehow the enemy. It leaves many of us scratching our head wondering where it will end (or if it will).

Additionally, we must now endure a summer of media blitzing in regards to the upcoming election; where we will be continuously inundated with reports on just how bad the other person is with little mention of how either candidate is actually going to do something good for our country. And their supporters? Fist fighting? Really?

I suppose I could add to the list all the problems surrounding poverty abatement, immigration, national security, homelessness, the mentally ill, education and so on, but hopefully you see where I am coming from here. We have problems, and it just does not seem to be being addressed by those in power with any common sense or sense of morality.

Often times people who fight the good fight get wearied by this every day "chipping away at the stone" onslaught from the so-called left who seem to be winning, as things that many Christians hold as truth are now billed as hateful, bigoted and myopic. We are continuously told how bad we are when all we are doing is just trying to preserve some good.

If those summertime blues are kicking at your door, allow me to remind you that nothing is done without God's hand in it. When people insist on something, even if it is not good or right, we see evidences of scripture that report God allowing it for His greater good down the road. There will be a price to pay but we must remind ourselves that we are not the cashier. Maybe (JUST MAYBE), God is allowing much of this, not so much as giving people who insist on the normalization and acceptance of sin, but to let us discover if we will really be Christ-like in our response. Do we get mad, yell and name-call, or do we as the church figure out how to stand in a bold and loving way (it can be done), without capitulation or revising our theology to fit the standards of this world.

Well, enough from me. It's hot, and I have a sermon to work on!

Keep fighting.....


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