Jesus Loves the Little Children

By Paul Stanley

February 11, 2016

"Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world.

Red and Yellow Black and White , they are precious in His sight.

Jesus loves the little children of the world."

Remember that little song? If you went to Sunday school or VBS as a kid, it is likely that you have sung that song. I was reminded about it last night as I visited another church with my family and church family that was hosting His Little Feet. His Little Feet is a group of children, in this case from Africa, India and Haiti, who sing songs about the Lord. Now what is special about these kids is that they are all orphans. They find themselves in such a predicament because of HIV/AIDS, war, famine. death, and abandonment.

But there they were; black, brown almond-eyed, big hair, no hair, some English, no English, all with these huge smiles and singing about the Lord at the top of their lungs. They are happy because they have been rescued, someone has shown them love for the first time in their little lives. And of course, how we here in America can help was spoken of several times throughout the evening.

As they testified, they spoke of their circumstances and what their hope for the future looks like. Some wanted to be missionary doctors and as they said that the Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart saying, "They can do that!" But can they really succeed if we continue to ignore them?

Out of the whole evening what struck me most is that these children have seen so much and have lived much more in a place surrounded by such darkness that we cannot even begin to understand. But in those little faces you can see that they have, or on their way, to overcoming the past that could have easily taken their lives. It is easy to blow off missionaries and organizations asking for help because we cannot see what they see. We cannot see the desperateness of kids such as these who are just waiting for someone to do something about their condition. A question was asked, "What if that was your son?" It is something for us to consider.

They asked for 30 dollars a month to sponsor one of these kids, which if we are honest, is not much to us here in America. Sure, as we are lulled to sleep by cell phones, internet, cable or satellite TV, Starbucks, new cars and bigger house, we think we cannot afford another 30 bucks a month. But really? We do not understand that just a small amount has eternal impact in these kids lives. That small price gets them medical care, food, education and an opportunity to learn the gospel of Christ.

I encourage you to look up His Little Feet on the internet. See if you can help. If you have to, partner up with someone and share the cost. But think about it at least.

BTW, you will be meeting these kids here at COCC next year when they swing through. We are in the process of setting up their visit as I write this.

Remember, "What if it were your child?"


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