Youth Pastor





Youth Pastor



Reports directly to the Senior Pastor, works with the Director of Christian Education while remaining accountable to the Executive Board.



Facilitate and oversee Christian programming designed to edify and educate the Carson Oaks Community Church youth aimed at developing maturity and spiritual growth in Christ.

 Work to build a community of adult leaders and students for the purpose of assisting parents in leading teenagers toward an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.



 Christian Living:

  • Person of faith, dedication and good judgment
  • Manner of life demonstrates the Christian gospel in the church and the world

Church Involvement:

  • Active member
  • Regular attendance at worship, bible study and prayer meeting
  • Active participation in the life of the church
  • Financial giving (consistency of giving not amount)

Personal Qualifications:

  • Demonstrates personal spiritual maturity and integrity
  • Is in theological agreement with COCC mission and vision statements
  • Demonstrates evidence of shepherding qualities
  • Has relevant, verifiable and related experience; **i.e., workshops, self-study, collegiate coursework, to qualify for this position and is willing to continue pursuing further education and training in Christian Youth Education work
  • Is able to communicate and operate effectively within contemporary youth culture.



  1.  Spend time in prayer and recruit prayer for the youth.
  2. Encourage weekly participation of the church’s young people in discipleship and ministry.
  3. Develop a network of responsible adults that provide additional support nurturing and modeling living faith in action.
  4. Cultivate a welcoming spirit among our youth and to follow up visitors and their families.
  5. Implement activities throughout the year that will further youth relationships with one another and Jesus Christ.
  6. Produce a calendar and bulletin board, keeping youth and parents informed well in advance of upcoming events and activities.
  7. Implement various retreats and missions opportunities for the youth.
  8. Participate in and encourage youth involvement in public worship and teaching of the Word.



 Approve by the Senior Pastor in collaboration with the Executive Board.

  •  The Executive and Deacon Boards will conduct an annual review (performance evaluation) to ensure the Youth Pastor is in compliance with Biblical guidelines.
  • Should anomalies be noted or found, the Executive Board will work together with the Youth Pastor to develop a Corrective Action Plan within sixty (60) days.



 1 Tim 3:1-7   Overseers’ qualification

Titus 1:6-9    Overseers’ qualification