Recording Secretary




POSITION:                   Secretary of the Executive Board


ACCOUNTABLE TO:  Reports directly to the Moderator, while remaining accountable to the Executive Board.


PURPOSE:                     Provides clerical assistance to support the Executive Board                                    



 Christian Living:

  • Person of faith, dedication and good judgment
  • Manner of life demonstrates the Christian gospel in the church and the world

Church Involvement:

  • Active member, bible study and prayer meeting
  • Regular attendance at worship
  • Active participation in the life of the church
  • Financial giving (consistency of giving not amount)

Personal Qualifications:

  • Demonstrates personal spiritual maturity and integrity
  • Is in theological agreement with COCC mission and vision statements
  • Has relevant education and/or related experience to qualify for this position and is willing to pursue further education and training in secretarial work
  • Proficient in the English language
  • Proficient in grammar, spelling and sentence construction
  • Knowledge of computer technology to enhance the quality of work and programs
  • Learn new software and implement its use as requested
  • Efficient, organized and excellent with details


  1.  Issues notices of upcoming meetings of the church Executive Board.
  2. Prepares the agenda that was set by the moderator.
  3. Takes minutes at the meetings and distributes the meeting minutes.
  4. Takes minutes at congregational meetings.
  5. Maintains records of the bylaws of the church, including any changes.
  6. Responds to any correspondence addressed to the church executive board.
  7. Is a voting member of the Executive Board.



 Elected by regular members of Carson Oaks Community Church by ballot during the annual congregational meeting and serves a three year term.