Politics, politics, politics.

By Paul Stanley

June 21, 2018

So it has been a while since I last wrote here. I usually wait until I have something to say instead of just filling a page with something for the sake of just having a regularly recurring blog. So today, let's talk politics...or not.

The current buzz is in regards to the southern border-child detention debate, and boy is that buzz a mess! There is ample screaming and name calling on both sides both from the secular corner as well as the "Christian" corner. There is evidence on both sides to equip each group that they are on the right side of this discussion. And many people have drawn a line in the sand and stand there with arms crossed and lip out, ready to stomp their feet and cry at the first person who disagrees with them. Has our nation really become a nation of over-indulged children who insist everything go their way? I don't think we are quite there just yet. But...

The sad part is that it seems to me that folks would rather be on the "right side" of the debate more than they would rather be in a group that comes together and figures out how to fix the problems we have with immigration. It seems that both sides might be guilty of using these people (and the kids) as pawns in a political or ideological chess game, without regards to their true well-being. I have heard a lot of arguing, but not one real solution.

Look America, we have a lot of smart people in our country and even a few in leadership. Why can't we just quit finger-pointing and reason together to come up with a better way to help? We cannot just open boarders and let there be a free-for-all, but we cannot close boarders and tell everyone to stay away. And understand that it is no more Trump's fault than it was Clinton's, Bush's or Obama's fault, for they have all played a role in this. If you were to ask me, the onus of the tension rests squarely on the shoulders of a manipulative media that seems to get some sort of sick enjoyment over keeping America at odds...and we allow it.

I really think if all the energy, time, money and passion spent on this issue was targeted more on solving this problem than debating the problem, we actually might be of help to these folks. It surely will take someone smarter than me, so I am on the look out for that person. I hope you will as well. I don't think any one solution is going to make everyone happy, but let's at least come up with some solutions that transcends our ideological stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to each other and come up with some real solutions...after all these are real people we are talking about, not pawns on some sick political chessboard.

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